Hi, I’m Ophelia

I am a Soul Empowerer and Motivational Advocate, and the CEO of Soul Empowerer Enterprise. My vision is based upon my passion which laid in the empowering of teens, and women whom I've desired to help, so they would be able to see and know that no matter what life throws at them, “They are ENOUGH”! My love for being a source of encouragement inspires me to teach others how to Attain Liberation From The Shackles Of Their Past, while building Confidence, and discovering their voices. I want others to experience their own personal healing from the very hurts I myself was made to endure, which stemmed from childhood and unfortunately accompanied me into adulthood. My beliefs are that the key ingredients for having a meaningful and successful life can only be achieved, by bringing about the realization that the Perception of others does not validate you, for it’s only your Perception of self that truly matters. I love to breathe life into the heart, mind, body, and soul. My passion is to see the hurting healed, the discouraged uplifted, and the broken encouraged, motivated, empowered, and inspired to do the most amazing things.


I am an interactive presenter who will educate your audience, inspire change, provide obtainable solutions, and start everyone on a path of new beginnings with an optimistic mindset. Through my own hurts, I too have found my voice. I have worked with Women's Health organizations, Special Interest Groups, Teen Centers, Religious Groups, Marriage Centers, Not for profit groups, Relationship Advisor, Schools and Colleges, Small business and Corporations, Network Groups & Charity Organizations.
  • Professional Empowerment Speaker.
  • Woman/Teen Life Coaching.
  • Seminars/Conferences.
  • Workshops/Vision Boards.









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