Get Empowered

Figure out your values and align your life to them. Happiness is your key to success. Happiness creates your environment.
Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals.
Get over fears and change your job or habits.
Breathe, relax and become content in your own skin.


Turning Out Negativity by Approaching every challenge with positive thoughts.

Choose to Turn Up the Volume on Your Confidence

There are many ways for you to get empowered and build your confidence.


See Me Live at My Upcoming Events Where I Will Empower You and Turn Up the Volume on Confidence

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1 to 1 coaching

Work with me so I can help empower you and get you back to living out your purpose in life.

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Group setting workshops where I can help empower and bring back confidence leaving everyone transformed, changed and living our their purpose once again.

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Empowerment Books

Empowerment books to help you turn up the volume on your confidence. Our books help your mindset to shift and complacency to be broken so you can walk in your purpose.

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Videos to help build your confidence.

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Empowering Articles

Articles that will uplift and empower your spirit so you can work boldly in confidence.

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How Can I Help You Remove the Shackles So Confidence Can Be Birthed

Workshops and Seminars

Discounts available for 3 hours or more of pre-paid time

Stepping Out Boldly, No Masks, No Labels


  • Identifying cause of low self-esteem
  • Shifting perception away from negative thoughts
  • Impact others have on self-esteem and coping mechanisms
  • Action plan for improving confidence
  • More

Living Your Purpose-Filled Life


  • Living unapologetically
  • Stop allowing people's opinion of you to matter
  • Knowing who you were created to be
  • More

Releasing the Hands of Abuse


  • Taking back control of your life
  • Finding your strength/voice
  • Learning to see your greatness and life beyond abuse
  • Healing the hurts
  • More

Coaching Program
Becoming An Author Coaching Program


  • Bringing Your Thoughts to Life
  • Making Your Mark as an Author One Chapter at a time
  • Understanding the Purpose of the Story You're Trying to Tell
  • More